Avro Phonetic Bangla typing for Linux

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Welcome to Avro Phonetic for Linux

ibus-avro is the port of the popular Avro Phonetic Bangla typing method to Linux. This software works as an Engine (plugin) of IBus and lets users type in English and on-the-fly transliterate them phonetically to Bangla.

Notable features:

ibus-avro on Ubuntu

Project status

Stable. Current version: 1.2

See version history.

Download and installation


Official repositories of the following Linux distributions contain ibus-avro

For these distributions, you can simply install ibus-avro from software center (or an equvalent tool). For example to install it from the command line using apt:

sudo apt-get install ibus-avro

For an older version of ubuntu or debian (and other debian based distributions, ex: Raspbian) you can add debian sid repository with a lower pin-priority to apt, and install ibus-avro from there. Only attempt this if you’re an advanced user with detailed knowledge of apt pinning.

Arch and derivatives

AUR contains a community maintained package named ibus-avro-git. You can install it using your preferred tool. For example to install using yay:

yay -S ibus-avro-git


For use on other distributions, you’ll need to download the source code from github repository. Please follow the readme file for detailed instructions.


After installing you have to restart ibus, if you’re unsure how to do that, restart your session (logout/login) or restart your computer. Now you can add Avro Phonetic to Input Methods using your distribution’s setting gui. For Ubuntu: Setting -> Region & Language -> Input Sources.

Bangla typing guide

Here is the Bangla tutorial (from the Windows edition) on how to type with Avro Phonetic: Bangla typing with Avro Phonetic.


ibus-avro is licensed under Mozilla Public License 1.1 (“MPL”), an open-source/free software license.