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ibus-avro suddenly not working

You were running ibus-avro just fine, now all on a sudden its not working anymore. What to do now ?

##First Aid

Try deleting the .candidate-selections.json file in your home folder. Run the following command in terminal.

    rm ~/.candidate-selections.json

Now try to start ibus-avro again. 95% time this fix solves the issue.

##Debug Feeling geeky and want to dig deeper ? Head to the terminal and follow the instructions below to gather some more info about the error.

  1. Remove Avro from ibus preferences.
  2. Then shut down ibus-daemon and start it in debug mode.

     sudo killall ibus-daemon
     ibus-daemon -vx

    NB: Skip this step if you are running a latest version of gnome-shell which have builtin ibus.

  3. Open a new tab in terminal, run try to start ibus-avro.

     /usr/bin/env gjs --include-path=/usr/share/ibus-avro /usr/share/ibus-avro/main-gjs.js
  4. Now try to switch the language (Cntrl + Space).

Now you should see some geeky debug informations in both tabs.